Welcoming people of all faiths to sow the seeds of
non-violence and peace
throughout Africa in the Spirit of St Francis of Assisi



Photo Gallery - Kenya 2



Fr Isodor and Br Benedict at Launch of Damietta in Nairobi

Fr Isodor, Br Benedict and Ms. Jane Andanje at the Damietta Office

Official Cutting of the Ribbon to the Offices

Attendance at the Inaguration

Participants at the PACT-Enablers Workshop in Kenya

The Handing out of Certificates to PACT-Enablers by Fr Isodor and Sr Lilian

Participants at the PACT-Enabler Workshop in Kenya

DPI seminar for Franciscan Sister in Kisumu

Kibera PACT with Enablers

A youth PACT meeting in Matare 

Kibera PACT Meeting

Fr Benedict at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva

Fr Benedict Presenting on the Crisis in Kenya at the United Nations

Michael, Frs Benedict and Bernd OFM Cap 

Fr Benedict, the Nuncio and others at the Council

Fr Benedict presenting to Franciscans International Staff 

Fr Benedict with the Seat of Nations in Geneva

PACT-Enablers at Sihk spiritual centre
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