Welcoming people of all faiths to sow the seeds of
non-violence and peace
throughout Africa in the Spirit of St Francis of Assisi


Welcome to The Damietta Peace Initiative 
The Damietta Peace Initiative is a Franciscan, inter-faith driven peace enterprise for the Continent of Africa, built around the core values of nonviolence, reconciliation and respect for creation. It is a pro-active response to a hunger that is widely felt among people today, that the sectarian divisions in our society must yield to the big shared human questions, namely, that we humans are locked inside another story.
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Damietta Peace Initiative
is realised by:

Creating local interfaith
Pan-African Conciliation Teams (PACTs)


Forming PACT members around the core values of non-violence, reconciliation and respect for creation. 


Facilitating group communication among PACTs
nationally and internationally.



Giving special attention to Christian/Muslim relations in the tradition of St Francis of Assisi.











Messsage from
Father Kees Thonissen OFM Cap


Everything seems influx.....Syria- Israel, Palestine, Egypt. The American economy, a huge Italian election, European tightenings of the belt. Ecological doubts hang in the air as both storms and droughts proliferate. Discords abounds.

Pope Benedict XVI has resigned - taking many aback. he provided much wise and deep guidance in an obtrusive gentle way. He is one who sees Western civilization in a downward spiral and offered hard challenges. Who will be the new pope at the helm of a ship going through its own storms? Has this ship an invisible pilot that can steer her through rocky waters?

It seems if one doesn't have deep inner faith to cling to, and believe that God has a plan for the world, and that he can execute it in His own way and His own time, then one is dismayed by shifting currents and rough seas.
But he tells us he made this world good (its his world); he made it for a great end (were all things are made one); and he is involved right in the midst of our uncertainty and troubles (his power is with us)

Harmony, sound relations, wise directions and cooperation are part of what is called the logos. Logos is the wisdom and it is also  love, logos breathes balance and common sense, responsibility and care and works universally according to eternal wisdom.
Logos is the way the spirit works. As we enter uncertainty we need to hold fast to this logocentric God that is all good.











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