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United Nations' International Year of Reconciliation

26 February 2009

United Nations' International Year of Reconciliation


The United Nations has declared 2009 as its “International Year of Reconciliation”.

This is of importance for all engaged in the work of The Damietta Peace Initiative, as the essence of our programme is the bringing together in relationships of people from diverse backgrounds. We at DPI are convinced that only in establishing good and healthy relationships is peace — by living nonviolence — achievable.

The year was given its theme after the UN
realised the importance of freeing generations-to-come from war, of settling disputes and situations in just ways, and of “…practicing tolerance and living together in peace with one another as good neighbours…”

During this International Year of Reconciliation, the United Nations calls all governments , nongovernmental organizations, and indeed, all people, to  engage in dialogue with others “… from positions of respect and tolerance…” as this way is fundamental to bringing about peace.

The values of the International Year of Reconciliation are cornerstones of The Damietta Peace Initiative’s approach to peace-building: good relationships,  nonviolence, reconciliation, and respect for the other. During this International Year of Reconciliation may all PACT members remember that sustainable world peace can only be brought about by a conscious effort to reconcile those who are divided, in whatever ways this may be.

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