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PTA PACT Minutes 18/08/06

1 September 2006

PTA PACT Minutes 18/08/06


Damieta meeting - Minutes: 18/08/06
What do you think is causing violence in our community?
1.     Unemployment – we can start a community project (e.g. garden)
2.     Attitude to status – people are sometimes not sensitive to other people’s problems because “they are already better off than you and loosing something can’t hurt them that much.”
3.     Poverty – the only means you can think of to provide for your family is by taking from others by force
4.     One step at a time – realize things might take more time to right, and don’t try overdo at once or even to “not do” just because you can’t afford to help them all at once.
5.     Crime rate leads to decreased safety in neighborhoods due to the violence it brings.
6.     Taxi drivers – road rage leading to violent speech and general upheaval of peace.
7.     Unemploymentè poverty è crime all linking together to increase violence in the community.
8.     Inefficiency of bus service in the community can cause upheaval of internal peace.
9.     Influences of T.V and things that are shown on it.
10.War zones seen on TV causing suffering mostly of the young children.
·        help sick people – send medications (Children are a big concern).
·        Malnutrition contribute towards relief.
11.Jewish - Jo’burg march
12.reflective within self
13.neighbourhood – own thought mentality.
14.Mphumalanga issue.
15.There is a need to make ourselves responsible (conscietize ourselves) for others’ dilemmas, e.g. what you use in one day might cost enough to feed a family for one month.
16.Look at intra -family relationships i.e. treatment/actions on a daily basis. Remember “charity begins at home.”
17.Our response to desperate people. By default we react as this is my property and you are trespassing? Is there anything we can do as individuals to supercede this natural response?
18.Bitterness and anger reduce internal peace, while lack of respect, trust and forgiveness lead to a chaotic world. Greed for power in one person mostly in the work place will reduce consideration for others, so we need to understand and care for one another.
19.We need to build families and nurture parent – child relationships (consider teenagers from broken homes).
20.Strikes are not always peaceful as they usually lead to violence. Mostly this is because no-one wants to give-in or to compromise in the issue.
21.There is a lack of cultural tolerance mostly in tertiary institutes.
22.Orphans in Mphumalanga.
Overally most concerns were about crime and its causes or things that increase its rate. Peoples’ attitudes were also mostly addressed during the discussions determining response to any given situation (natural or otherwise).
1.     Respect yourself first and look at your own values.
2.     Learn about trust of self and others.
3.     Look at set-up of other PACT group and how they work and manage things in order to build structure for this group.
4.     We meet once a month, but what do we do the rest of the time something in the group. Socials, volunteer escapades?
Still to be done:
Write letter to regional office to register group.
Select Leadership in our group – 1st on agenda (15 sept).



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