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Parow PACT holds series of three talks on Islam

10 July 2006
Parow PACT (Pan-African Conciliation Team) will be participating in three talks on Islam to be presented by Rev. Christopher Clohessey, who is Rector of St Francis Xavier Seminary in Cape Town and is a doctor in Islamic studies. Rev. Clohessey has worked in the Vatican in the important area of inter-religious dialogue.
The talks have been confirmed as follows and will be at the St Pio Centre, Parow Church, cape Town at 19:30:
  • Talk One: The start\begin of Islam = > Completed on Monday 2006-06-26.
  • Talk Two: Understanding of the Quoran and the Bible in terms of its origin = >Scheduled for Wednesday 2006-08-02.
  • Talk Three: How & where can non-Muslins and Muslims found common ground for the basis of communication and friendship.     Secondly where are the areas of sensitivity which will divid non-Muslins and Muslims => Scheduled for Wednesday 2006-09-06
  • Talk Four:  What are the Muslim religious anniversaries and how should non-Muslims respect them. How do we prepare our homes or meeting place for Muslims to feel at home => Scheduled for Wednesday 2006-10-04
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