Welcoming people of all faiths to sow the seeds of
non-violence and peace
throughout Africa in the Spirit of St Francis of Assisi


Welcome to The Damietta Peace Initiative 
The Damietta Peace Initiative is a Franciscan, inter-faith driven peace enterprise for the Continent of Africa, built around the core values of nonviolence, reconciliation and respect for creation. It is a pro-active response to a hunger that is widely felt among people today, that the sectarian divisions in our society must yield to the big shared human questions, namely, that we humans are locked inside another story.
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Damietta Peace Initiative
is realised by:

Creating local interfaith
Pan-African Conciliation Teams (PACTs)


Forming PACT members around the core values of non-violence, reconciliation and respect for creation. 


Facilitating group communication among PACTs
nationally and internationally.



Giving special attention to Christian/Muslim relations in the tradition of St Francis of Assisi.











Messsage from
Father Kees Thonissen OFM Cap


New life and New Birth are traditionally celebrated at this time of the year. Humanly, all wonder at the birth of a new baby, or marvel at the protective care of an animal over its young,be it a whale or elephant and its nearby calf.

Each time new birth speaks of the goodness of our creator.How is it though, that on watching the news we see one 'animal' species self destruct its young (eg 141 killed in a school attack).
The Christian message it that God gives away His goodness - he shares his only Son. But human response is again incomprehensible - afraid, Herod kills off all children less than 2 years. Jesus' family became refugees to escape Herod's death- trap.
Later, horrific death is unleashed on John the Baptist, the Apostles and the Early Christians.
The Son of God enters this drama of death versus life - he does not shun it, but in his own dying freely breaks the power of human evil and becomes the source of all good.

We as most 'human animals' must chose life over death, must be life- givers, must be peace - bringers.
Over Christmastide Christians  believe they are given special grace to give generously.
Love may ask some suffering with Christ, but wondrously, his new life offers new birth to all our human situations.

It is this gift that the Damietta staff wish for you.

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to one and all.











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